Race Driver Coaching With Jack Mitchell Grade ‘A’ ARDS licensed instructor.

With motorsport continuing to rapidly develop into a more and more technical, complex sport, employing the expertise of an experienced and skilled driver coach is not just vital; it's imperative.

Jack's An experienced coach with the ability to convey detailed information designed to benefit the student, enabling them to improve and achieve more success than they would have on their own is considered essential in many aspects of life, not only in sport but also in business. So, why do we seem to consider it non-essential for our driving? Have you ever wondered why a car behaves as it does? Do you want to know what is actually happening to the car when you are driving it?

One-to-one coaching with Jack will ensure you hone your skills and maximise your full potential in an efficient and safe environment, having himself gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in karts, single-seaters, saloon cars and sports cars throughout his continuing career.

Coaching at the track allows Jack to teach each driver the fundamentals, making sure a smooth lap is quicker than pushing the car and yourself to the limits.

Would you like to be able to drive the cxar, rather than have the car drive you? Do you want to know what the really fast drivers are doing that you’re not?

Then you need to learn the following, focusing on marginal gains through driver coaching.

• How to push yourself and the car safely to the limit, to reduce your lap times

• Positioning of the car on track

• Weight transfer and how it affects the handling

• How to correct or solve oversteer and understeer

• When to apply the power and how this affects the corner speed and balance of the car

• Racing lines, for the dry and the wet

• When, how hard to brake and the technique of trail braking into the apex

• Vision and how important it is to be looking through the corner

• Heel and Toe, for downshifting properly

• The technique of left foot braking

• Individual track secrets, acquired from years of experience and over 400 races

It really is the most effective way to extract the best out of yourself and your car, with the least amount of cost and time! You could spend a lot of money on upgrading your car and gain a few seconds around the track, where with some expert guidance from Jack you could find even more time.

For further information on how to bring your times down, please contact Jack directly.